To be the first stop of online computing and consulting for the scientific and engineering communities.


Founded in Feb. 2010, Vision Player Inc. is headquatered in Calgary, AB Canada. Vision Player Inc. is striving to deliever online solutions for the scientific and engineering communities (academic and industry) around the world. Vision Player Inc. provides knowledge exchange, social computing and consulting programs that foster sharing and discovery of knowledge, skills and tools among the community members. Our community members are not only benefited from accessing a variaty of options for tackling and resolving their problems by spending less, with the right quality and within timeframes, but also gain valuble rewards from contributing to the pool of intelligence globally.


The business idea came up to our minds in Sep. 2009. By that time, we were just a team of two Ph.D. students studying and working in the scientific and engineering world. Disappointed with the services provided by the current online solutions for discussing and sharing scientific and engineering knowledge, we had decided to develop our own for the communities. After a two-week intensive internet research, we had figured out our market sector and several related competitors in the field. At the begining of Nov. 2009, we had attended Thecis (Science to Society Advance Courses) at the Banff Conference Center, AB, Canada where we had met with several entrepreneur veterans in the field of innovation and internet marketing for advices. At the same time, we had also communicated online with several students and professionals throught social netoworks globally for collecting public responses. By the end of 2010, we had developed our first version of product definition and business plan for the next 3 years. In Jan. 2010, we had won the third place in the STIC (Student Technolgy Innovation Challenge) from UTI (University Technolgy International Inc.) In Feb. 2010, we had founded our company in Calgary, AB Canada.